Monday, June 22, 2015

Knitting Classes!!

Yes! I teach at Michaels!

As most of you may be aware of, I am currently a knitting instructor at my local Michaels store location here in Scarborough, Ontario and I've had a few people inquire about the classes I teach! So I decided to post all my information here.

At any given time, you can lookup the class schedule for any Michaels location at: Michaels Classes when searching locations, please search Ontario, Toronto, and William's Kitchen Rd. location for my scheduled classes. Each store features a different class schedule according to their teacher's individual availability.

Since I work during the day, most of my classes are evenings and weekends. Currently my June schedule can be found here. My July schedule has yet to be updated on the website but should be completed sometime this week.

An overview of some of the classes I teach is also listed on this PDF but in case you're interested I currently teach; arm knitting, knitting beginner 1, knitting beginner 2, and loom knitting. My most popular class is my arm knitting class probably because it takes the least amount of knowledge, the least amount of materials, and is the quickest/cheapest class I offer (1hr class for $10). I usually teach this one Thursday nights at 7pm at my Michael's location!

How do you sign up?
You can pass by the Michael's store anytime and purchase your class. Prices range from $10-25 per class. On promotional days, some classes may be offered at a discount. Details of these event's can also be found on the Michael's website! My classes are available to everyone, all ages who can hold a pair of knitting needles! The most popular class I teach for children is currently loom knitting.

Once you sign up, you will receive a syllabus of information regarding the projects I will be teaching in the class. For each class there's a range of 2-4 project's you can choose. Upon choosing a project you will be given a list of materials you need to bring to the class. If you have the materials at home, you may bring them, or Michael's offers a 10% discount on any materials you purchase for my class. ALL OF MY CLASSES REQUIRE YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN MATERIALS! I will not be supplying any for you.

One of the pretty cowl's I taught in my arm knitting class!

What do you do if you can't make a class?
In the event where you cannot make the class you have signed up for, you may transfer your class fee to any other scheduled class and we can make the arrangements to switch dates/times for you. You also may receive a refund for the class fee.

Cancelled classes
Unfortunately, Michael's has a policy that I cannot teach any classes that have less than 2 people signed up. In the event that I need to cancel a class, I will personally give you a call 24/hours before the class begins, and let you know that the class has been cancelled. In any event you may transfer your class to another date/time or you may get your money back.

I make my own schedule, and I've been collecting feedback from the previous knitting instructor as to which days tend to work better for most people. However if you wish to take a class, and it is not offered on the day/time you wish to take it, I can definitely make the arrangements to have a class on your preferred day/time. Luckily, Michael's give's me extraordinary flexibility to accommodate to everyone's schedule, so if you let me know which day's can work better for you, we can make something work.

I do not teach at any other Michael's locations at the moment, however I will consider coming to the Michael's in Belleville should there be enough interest in my classes! These classes will be restricted to weekends only. Michael's also gives us teacher's the flexibility to teach at various locations as well. If there is enough interest, I will consider picking up a class or two at the Belleville location!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me or send me a message on facebook! Happy knitting everyone!!!!

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