Monday, June 22, 2015

Yarn Review - Malabrigo Merino Wool

Brand: Malabrigo Yarn

Blend: 100% kettle dyed pure merino wool
Made in Uruguay - Weight: worsted
Colour: Sauterne (MM022)
Care Instructions: Hand wash, dry flat.
Skein Size: 100g / 210y
Cost: Approx. $20.00 (CAD)

Review: This is not the first time I've worked with the Malabrigo worsted before and I have yet to be disappointed by this yarn. I've mostly used this yarn to knit hats in the round because it has such a lovely hand, it's thick, but soft, and it sticks together perfectly on DPN's and these cables were no exception.

Malabrigo tag and remainder of the skein (yes just a string).

One of my favorite things about this yarn is indeed the thickness. It fluffs up nicely to give you a full warm fuzzy feeling to the piece, without being classified as a "bulky" or "super bulk" weight. It gives you the best of both worlds with whatever you are knitting. It's also the perfect yarn I would recommend for any beginner knitting in the round on circular needles and/or double points. Most of the hats I have constructed on circular needles however finished with double points.

Finished piece. Cable hat.

Be advised! The colours offered in the Malabrigo kettle dyed collections are [slightly] inconsistent. All the skein's I've had have been from different dye lots, and I've noticed a difference so if you're a person who is particular about this, make sure you get skeins from the same dye lot!! With that being said though, the differences in colour are more about the textures of the fiber which make the yarn that much more charming. Even from these pictures you can see the subtle differences in colour intensity within the yarn, personally I love it! This is noticeable with most hand-dyed yarns I've worked with, but the Malabrigo worsted is done so beautifully that it adds a wonderful uniqueness to any piece you choose to construct.

Close up of cable detail and yarn colouring.

As I mentioned before, this yarn sticks together very well! Almost too well. I've knitted this piece with bamboo circulars (not my needles of choice, but it was the only one I had in the proper size) so the bamboo gave me a much tighter tension that I probably would've gotten with a steel needle. It worked in my favour though with this piece since the cables came out quite consistently, but the piece is tight in general. The size I knitted was supposed to be adult, but it would be much better suited for a child because of my tension.

I was able to use the whole skein on this hat. I was also able to get a slouchy flat (no cables) hat in a much bigger size so the skein does go a long way. Overall it's hands down one of my favourite worsted yarns to work with. I've recommended this one to my fellow knitting friends in the past. It will give you that special merino edge of luxury but is also very easy to work with for any in-the-round-beginner knitter.

Finished hat.

I'd recommend this yarn for any hat projects knitted in the round or any project that requires a tighter tension. However, I feel this yarn would be suitable for just about any project! I will warn to purchase yarn in the same skein if doing larger projects that require more yardage as you will have some colour inconsistencies (I find these inconsistencies charming, but I understand other's may not).

Pattern(s) used in this post:
Travelling Cable Hat by Purl Soho (The Purl Bee) free pattern available at:

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